Dry Eye and Aesthetics have been natural additions to the offerings of Eye Clinics but it is not easy.  What technologies do you offer?  How do you diagnosis and treat Dry Eye effectively? I want to offer aesthetics but what do I need to know?  We answer these and many other questions for the beginners and the seasoned veterans.  During the conference we lecture and treat patients giving attendees real knowledge that they can use in clinic the next day. Participants have incorporated several technologies in their clinic and have had the ability to utilize our doctors and staff as a resource throughout the year to answer questions.  Drs. Melissa and Rolando Toyos have been traveling nationally and internationally training doctors on the technologies, medicines, and practice management used in our clinic.  Several clinics want to provide their patients with effective dry eye treatments and facial rejuvenation but do not know where to start or they have tried but have failed.  We bring 40 years of combined experience and can guide a doctor and her staff in the right direction. 

Topics covered but limited to:
Intense Pulse Light for Dry Eye and Aesthetics

Facial Rejuvenation with Lasers and Medical Grade Skin Care

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP for DED, Hair, Rejuvenation

Ivermectin Plus

Low Level Light Treatment

Hair Restoration

Cequa, Optimel, Oculocin and other meds

Diet, Supplements, Skin Care

Confocal Microscopy and Oculus


Friday night Dinner Lecture
Saturday two different time slots for Hands On Clinic Workshop

The fees this year 200 dollars for doctors and 100 dollars for health care professionals. Payment reserves your spot.  We keep this meeting at a certain capacity so spots are limited.  Contact Nikki nbarbee@toyosclinic.com or 901-683-7255 

TAD Conference Address
150 W 58th St #1C
New York, NY 10019