They call it “Nature’s Botox” because of its ability to thicken skin, reduce wrinkles and restore elasticity. Copper peptides are popular in skincare because they are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants and have been proven to boost collagen and elastin production even more than topical vitamin C or retinol.

In my practice, I love it for aging skin. As we age, our skin naturally thins and can become crepey especially around the delicate eye area. Copper applied topically is rapidly absorbed and results can be seen as quickly as a week to boost the building blocks of skin: glycoaminoglycans, collagen and elastic fibers that can give aging skin that thick, firm, smooth “Jello” skin firmness that you may have seen on some TikTok videos.

Copper is anti-inflammatory for it is useful for rosacea skin, too, generally in combination with our topical ivermectin cream that contains an ingredient that kills Demodex mites (which overgrow in rosacea skin compared to normals) that draws the Demodex mites in like a bug zapper for greater effectivity. Copper helps in wound healing too so it is useful after laser resurfacing or other procedures like MIXTOLaserLift.

Don’t use copper peptides with acids that could denature it like retinol (vitamin A), acidic vitamin C or glycolic acids. Copper is also absorbed well across the skin (even more than when ingested orally) and has been shown to trigger the production of systemic anti-aging peptides by the liver when applied to the skin.

When I began exploring the benefits of topical copper, I soon learned that most products contain little copper – 1% or less of the active ingredient so we created a stronger 5% copper in our compounding pharmacy to maximize the benefits and results of the formulation. It has resulted in a highly effective “Smurf” blue product that works quickly and effectively. Thankfully, the blue color is quickly absorbed by the skin so you don’t look like you work for the Blue Man Group.

Our 5% Copper Max topical skincare is available at Toyos Clinic for 150 and should applied In a thin film once or twice daily. Call 615.327.4015 to order yours and start reaping the benefits of this precious metal. With all of its benefits and unique mechanism sof action, copper is a veritable gold (copper) mine of natural anti-aging.