"Can't believe how clear I can see. Dr. Toyos had me in good enough shape to play a concert the next day."
Jerry Lee Lewis
Custom Cataract Surgery with Toric Lenses, Rock and Roll Legend
"My clients fly in from Kansas City to see Dr. Melissa Toyos because the results of the Mixto Laser Lift are real and long lasting. My Mom and I are 6 months out and could not be happier. Thank you Dr. Toyos for being passionate about skin and for providing the best solutions available."
Melissa Blayton Pro Makeup Artist
Mixto Laser Lift
"Dr. Toyos and his staff put me at ease. Everything went great."
Scott McCullough
Lasik Patient, Trainer Toronto Raptors
"Thanks for the great vision Dr. Toyos. It makes doing surgery a lot easier."
Dr. Kyle Patterson and Dr. Susan Murmann
Lasik Patients, Obstetrics McDonald/Murmann
"Intacs surgery by Dr. Toyos saved me from having to have a cornea transplant."
John Hudson
Intacs patient, New England Patriots
"Thank You for taking such good care of Christina. Thank You Dr. Toyos for my new glasses free vision. Your staff is amazing!!!"
Scott MacIntyre and Christina MacIntyre
Singer-songwriter, Christina Wavelight Lasik Patient
"I was very scared coming in to the clinic, but the staff was so friendly and in tune with my needs. If it was not for the way the staff treated me, I would not have gone through with it.and the vision is great. I highly recommend Toyos Clinic/TLC Laser Eye Center."
Jessica Frazier
Lasik Patient
"Go to Dr. Toyos and use TLC Laser Eye Center. There was no pain involved and I was seeing clearer in 5-7 days after stopping the drops. I should have done it sooner."
Jason Phillips
Lasik patient, Major League Baseball Player, Toronto Blue Jays
"So much time in the day went to adjusting glasses and dealing with the discomfort of contacts. I can now play softball and not worry about dirt getting under my contacts. The staff is wonderful."
Nicholas Cloud
Lasik patient, Attorney
"The outcome was more than I expected. The staff was very knowledgeable and eased any fears I may have had."
Joseph Poindexter
Lasik patient, Memphis Police Officer
"The whole experience went well. I could not believe how well I could see walking out of the surgery center. Everything was exactly or better than expected. The worse part of it was using the drops and that wasn't that bad."
Randy Mathis
Refractive Lens Exchange - RLE
"An injury I received to my left eye had left me with blurred vision. Being a professional race car driver, my life depends on being able to see clearly. Dr. Toyos was able to remove the scar that caused the problem, and now, my left eye is better than my right! The treatment I received post surgery was outstanding, and I would highly recommend Toyos Clinic."
Sammy Swindell
Three Time World Sprint Car Champion
"I recommend Dr. Toyos to all my patients and friends."
Fred Heros
Lasik Patient, Dentist
"Trust - Experience - Education. Dr. Toyos and his staff come through in spades in all those categories and more. I trust Dr. Toyos and his staff with my eyes and his experience is second to none and the education I've received about my own eyes is amazing. Every question is answered thoroughly, every step is explained thoroughly and every option is given. I know my eyes are in the best hands possible and I'm telling everyone about my amazing experience. "
Doug Griffin
Custom Cataract Surgery with Toric Lens, Nashville DJ on 94 FM The Fish
"Dr. Toyos did a great job working with our athletes in Los Angeles and Memphis. He did a great job as my doctor. His staff is the best."
Jerry West, NBA Champion,
Clinic Patient
"I had Lasik before Ranger Training. My brother did a great job. 12 years later and I still thank him every time for my great vision."
Lt. Colonel Ruben Toyos, United States Army
Lasik Patient
"After my injury I didn't know if I could ever play competitively again. Dr. Toyos was instrumental in my visual rehab. I could not have played again without his help."
Jon Scheyer, National Champion Duke
"I had Laser Eye Surgery with Dr. Toyos several years ago. I have sent my son and daughter to him as well. My daughter loves her lasik. After a complete exam he explained to my son that he was not a candidate. Sure glad that we went to Toyos Clinic."
Lionel Hollins, NBA Champion and Coach
Laser Eye Surgery
"The clinic helped me and several displaced people after Hurricane Katrina for free. I could have lost my sight waiting for care. Dr. Toyos and staff went out to the temporary shelters and made sure that anyone that needed care or medicines received care pro bono. He has been my doctor ever since. "
Stephen Foster, Jazz Great
Glaucoma Patient
"I can see the game on the field so much better. It was great to know that they are the only clinic in Tennessee to have the latest technology - Wavelight Bladeless Custom Lasik. Dr. Toyos and the staff did a great job. Toyos Clinic is a Championship Team."
Jonathan Hutton Sports Radio Host 104.5 The Zone
Custom Bladeless Wavelight Lasik Patient
"I am in Napa. I had to get up yesterday at 3:30am, fly to Frisco, and then drive to Napa. My dry eyes feel great thanks to Rolando Toyos and his dry eye treatment. You have definitely improved my quality of life."
John Gayton, MD Eye Surgeon Eyesight Associates, Georgia
Toyos Dry Eye Treatment - Intense Pulse Light
"After Mixto Laser Lift with Dr. Melissa Toyos the appearance of my wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars were gone. Not only that, the results got better as time went on. Since the treatment, I constantly have people complimenting my skin now. My Mom was so impressed she went to Dr. Toyos for Mixto and loving it."
Kelly Dixon
Mixto Laser Lift
"I had my Wavelight Lasik at Toyos Clinic. No more glasses or contacts for me and that's a fact. I want to thank the whole team at Toyos Clinic in Memphis for taking great care of me. "
Willie Kemp, Pro Basketball Player, Memphis Tiger
Wavelight Lasik
"I want to thank Willie Kemp for referring me to Toyos Clinic for my Wavelight Lasik surgery. I want to thank Dr. Toyos and his whole staff especially Kelley for their kindness and professionalism. No more glasses for me."
Shawn Taggart, Pro Basketball Player, Memphis Tiger
Wavelight Lasik
"I can't say enough about Dr. Melissa Morrison Toyos' skincare! I was beginning to see fine lines and I had a couple of scars that bothered me. I had Mixto Laser Lift and used the Mixto hydrate and cleanse products. I took years off. I've gotten so many compliments on my skin since the treatment. I'm so happy with the results. My skin feels so healthy, the texture and clarity of my skin is improved, and my lines and scars are noticeably softer! I never thought that some of my skin issues were fixable. But they are thanks to Dr. Toyos' help and expertise."
Heidi West, Tennessee Titans Cheerleader
Mixto Laser Lift and user of iScience Products
"My experience at TLC with Dr. Toyos was absolutely perfect. Better than perfect, actually, since now I have 20/15 vision! I knew my vision was in the best hands...this is one of the best investments I've ever made. Thanks doc!"
Ben Gunning, Memphis Grizzlies
Wavelight Lasik
"Toyos Clinic has been absolutely life changing. I have been getting mixto laser lift treatments on my scar (located under my right eye). I have currently received two previous treatments and the results have been astonishing. The scar which used to be a crater on my face is now virtually invisible. Yes, it is still there but it is not as noticeable which was my biggest concern (it's visibility)... and let's face it flaws are okay we just do not want them to be visible. I am extremely happy with my results to date. And.... My results will continue to get better!!! Dr. Melissa Toyos and her staff are all very welcoming, personable and always eager to answer any questions I may have. They take an interest in me as if I am one of their family members. The services offered at Toyos Clinic stems beyond what is advertised and I would definitely recommend them. Give them a call to inquire more about whatever specialty services you may need. If they don't have what you are seeking, they will most definitely point you in the right direction. Toyos Clinic is the BEST! "
Travona Niles, Tennessee Titans Cheerleader
Mixto Laser Lift for a Visible Scar
"Thanks to my wonderful eye surgery Dr. Ro I was able to perform in my one woman play Tammy Faye Tweets without glasses or contacts."
Charlene Tilton - Actress
Laser Refractive Lens Exchange
"Thanks to Dr. Melissa Toyos for giving me rock star status skin. 25 for live is a real thing"
Stacie Kinder, Director of Cheerleaders Tennessee Titans
Mixto Laser Lift
"Really enjoying this beautiful day in Music City writing songs, doing what I love. The best part is that I can see so clearly. No need in contacts or glasses. Wavelight Lasik at Toyos Clinic changed my life. Dr. Toyos and his crew are the bomb. If any of you guys out there are debating on whether or not to get Lasik done, I urge you to go visit Toyos! You won't regret it."
Shelby Lee Lowe, Country Music Star
Wavelight Lasik patient
"Cataract Surgery was the best decision I've ever made. I'm especially impressed that my long distance as well as my close up vision were both corrected to the point that I will never need to wear contacts or glasses again. I want to thank Toyos Clinic and my surgeon Dr. Melissa Toyos, for making an amazing difference in my life. Most importantly everything about my experience was simple and the utmost professional! "
Lisa Romeo, Drummer and Founder Mustang Sally
Custom Cataract Surgery
"There is a multitude of choices for eye care, all are likely competent, but all are not equal. When I first was introduced to Toyos Clinic, I immediately knew I was entering a special place, not simply one of healing, but one of competence and caring. From the smiling receptionist, who guided me to the Starbucks coffee machine (a biggie in my book), to a friendly and professional staff, Toyos Clinic contained the people and ambiance to make it unique. Then, most importantly, the quiet confidence and steady hand of Dr. Melissa Toyos, who at once, was friendly, caring and a true healer, Toyos Clinic was akin to feeling someone was caring for you at home. I am impressed with their outreach to the community. I have seen firsthand how the Toyos Foundation has provided care to the uninsured here and abroad. If you're looking for excellence in eye care or cosmetic enhancements, Toyos offers more than simply competence. They offer compassion which in itself is a healing balm. "
Tim Ormond, Nashville Film Con
Custom Cataract Surgery and Cyclo G6 Glaucoma Surgery