Blade to Intralase to Wavelight FS200

Think of the front part of your eye like a book.  In Lasik we are going to lift the cover of the book then use a laser to change the shape of the pages of the book.  We place the cover back down and with this new customized shape you can eliminate your dependency on glasses and contacts.  In the beginning we could create the cover with a blade.  We found that a laser was more accurate and a safer profile than a blade.  The first laser approved by the FDA was the intralase.  Most centers have been using the intralase platform since 2007.  Now we have the newest Laser to make a flap the FS200.  Lasik is a very technology dependent procedure.  If you can think of the technology of the first iphone released in 2007 which was G2 versus the iphone of today the iphone 5.  We have gone from the intralase in 2007 to the Wavelight 2014.  Go to for more information on the Future of Lasik.