IPL – Photo facials

Intense Pulse Light (IPL)  Dr. Rolando Toyos is one of the pioneers of the use of IPL for the treatment of various skin conditions and dry eye.  He has been doing IPL research for over a decade.  It has long been known that IPL can improve such things as sun damaged skin, dark spots, redness, and aging skin. Sun damage, dark spots, redness, aging skin. IPL technology uses a specific wavelength of light that penetrates that superficial layers of the skin down to the deeper layers where the problems originate.

It does this gently without surgery. Some have referred to it as a Photofacial.  Others have called it the lunchtime facial because patients can have an IPL treatment and right after go back to their normal daily activities.  Dr. Toyos helped develop the latest IPL technology that he currently utilizes.The Dermamed Diamond Series has been specifically designed from the work and thousands of patients that Dr. Toyos has treated.   Patients have been impressed with the facial rejuvenation that they have received with this new technology.