At Toyos Clinic we offer the latest technology has to offer, at our clinic we are proud to be among the first to include new technology and studies into our practice as they become available, as well as inventing and perfecting a number of procedures, surgical techniques and instruments widely used in the world today.

Toyos IPL for Dry Eye Syndrome

Evaporative Dry Eye is primarily caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).  These glands are located along the upper and lower eye lid margins and, under normal conditions, should produce an oil-like secretion, essential for a healthy tearfilm. The prescence of talangiectasias on and around these glands can cause inflammation and in term, meibomian gland dysfunction and poor tearfilm quality. Invented and perfected at Toyos Clinic,  IPL for Dry Eye acts like the ultimate warm compress, using heat from a xenon lamp to reduce these talangiectasias and stimulate the glands to produce a healthy, oil-like secretion at the same time it helps loosen backed up, hardened secretions.