Meet Our Staff

Our doctors are the best at what they do, learn more about our team of doctors, their background, training and experience and how they can help manage and treat many eye diseases both systemically and surgically bringing you the latest advancements in technology, medications and alternative treatments our field has to offer.

  • Toyos Nashville Lasik

    Rolando Toyos, MD

    Founder of Toyos Clinic

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  • Cosmetic Procedures, Botox, Cataract Surgery, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Latisse

    Melissa Toyos, MD

    Partner, Research Director, Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

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  • Best Memphis and Southaven Optometrist

    Haylie Mulliniks, OD

    Clinic Director

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  • Nashville Lasik Toyos

    L. Edwin Rice, MD


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  • Optometrist Toyos Clinic,

    Jessica B. Armstrong, OD

    Memphis Doctor

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  • Optometrist Skyline Medical Center

    Barbie Jodoin, OD

    Skyline Medical Center Doctor

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  • Wavelight Lasik Nashville, TLC Nashville, Lasik Nashville

    Mary Phelps

    TLC Lasik Center Manager Nashville

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  • Research, Cataract Surgery, Lasik, Wavelight Lasik

    Pat Mathey

    Scheduling and Research Coordinator

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  • Retina Specialist Franklin, Nashville, Cool springs, Skyline Medical Center

    Toyos Retina Clinic

    Retina Specialists of Tennessee

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  • Durenda Camp

    Practice Administrator

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  • Nikki Barbee

    Head of Clinic Services Memphis and Mississippi

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  • Wavelight Lasik Memphis

    Pam Wooten Hathcock

    TLC Lasik Center Manager Memphis

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  • Dr. Jennifer Willcox

    Resident Optometrist

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